Water Waste Engineering

Biodigester is the sewage solution for homes with limited space


A biodigester can be constructed on small space with very limited budget compared to septic tank that requires a larger space. In a small space of 1.1metre diameter by 1.1-metre depth and a depth of two metres for residential homes, commercial apartments, schools and estates, among others, the bio digester is the most and latest cost-effective sewage management solution for domestic use and even commercial use in some cases.However, if there is no deposition of hard non degradable materials;
There is no emptying, or it take a long time to empty as long as you use it well without hard materials and acidic substances. Its also; clean and hygienic, cheap to construct, takes less time to build, needs small space and takes long life. This is not to suggest that the Septic tank is replaceable; for large accomodations and commercial housing facilities, the septic tank can handle the harsh solid sewage depositions. We also offer consultancy for mechanised sewage treatment and conversion to water and fertilizers or manure.
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