Assessment of the lack of drainage problem in Bandwe Kalasa estate

The problem

In 2007, Jomayi Estate Co, opened the Bandwe Estate with a net work of well interconnected roads.

However, the drainage network was not well planned and it was left to the people who bought the plots of land.

Today, every one who builds makes a blockage for the runoff to flow into the middle of the road, because there are no side drainage channels.

The Kyengera Town Council will be engaged to come and educate the residents about the the Water Act, and the National Building Control Act 2013. We will inform the public about these laws in support of the government agencies.

We will particularly make another post about the drainage and water act Cap 152.

We engaged in the socio corporate responsibility to offer our technical services to Bandwe Kalasa, Kyengera Town Council; the area where our Managing Director lives.

We are making efforts to do onsite drainage works for the Bandwe Estate Service Access roads.

Mobilisation for the funds from the community started yesterday, guided by the LC Office, if each member contributes 50,000sh; we target 16 residents to raise a minimum of 800,000sh; works shall start. More contributions will lead to more work to be done. So far we sent messages to 34 residents and we received response from 4 residents. We hope more will come to the fore.


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