Our care

We help our customers to analyse risks, plan, develop and engage in the project life cycle planning for a sustainability. We keep information between all the parties involved in a building project, by use of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) system for our work to ensure buildability, progress and cost control.  Our team offers the utmost creativity and promotion of knowledge.

Opportunities and freedom

We give opportunities for everyone to develop and get the most out of themselves based on their life experiences, ambitions, dreams and potential because we are all unique; giving freedom for employees to steer their career in the direction, and at the speed, suited to them. We are all bosses here and there is freedom to take responsibility.

Work-life balance

We offer a working environment in which you can express yourself, with your unique characters to be able to view diversity. We organise work in such a way that family, friends and leisure activities are supported in a balanced manner.

Internal professional networks

The main purpose of the skills networks at Kola can be explained using the term SDSE: Share, Develop and Standardise in the most Efficient manner.

The internal professional networks purpose is to enhance professional collaboration and skills development across organisational boundaries by sharing and developing skills across frontiers: This ensures that resources and expertise are developed and utilised in the best possible manner.

The skills networks are a tool for the exchange of experiences and  a venue for learning, innovation and development.

We support creative, motivated and knowledgeable employees who are keen to learn more. The internal professional networks are the organisation’s most important tool when it comes to structuring, managing and exercising skills development across the organisation.

The internal professional networks must:support the operation by maintaining and developing Kola’s expertise, advocate the development, sharing and exchange of expertise across Kola as a whole, stimulate innovation and contribute to market-focused skills development, act as a support process for the organisation’s strategy and product development, stimulate the maintenance of specialist management within Kola

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